Monday, June 27, 2011


This detail is at the top of one of the exterior stairways of a peculiar building I have always wondered about.  When I was growing up this was a mystery.  I had no idea what the "W.C.T.U." sign stood for, and I never saw anyone go in or out.  In the 1980s it started getting pretty run down,  then after The Eagle Rock Association got involved it was bought (with help from a Los Angeles City Grant) by GLAD and restored in the 1990s.  It looks great now, thanks to GLAD and the preservation actions of TERA!

Eagle Rock Women's Christian Temperance Union Home For Women 
L.A. Historic Cultural Monument 562 
A three and four-story Mediterranean style structure built in 1927 and designed by A. Godfrey Bailey. It includes a cruciform plan sited at a forty-five degree angle to the street. The building has social significance as the sole physical reminder in Los Angeles of the Temperance and Women's Suffrage Movements active in the United States at the Turn of the Century. Declared: 5/26/92

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