Sunday, July 31, 2011

OXY in the Movies - Part 1

I just love seeing familiar places in old movies,  so this week I've decided to check out some of the oldest movies I could find that were shot on campus and try to match the angles from the movies!

One of the earliest movies that feature OXY was "Pigskin Parade" 1936 starring Jack Haley and introducing his future famous costar, Judy Garland!  Haley and his Patsy Kelly are shown below as husband and wife coaches.  In the background of the screen cap below Swan Hall is visible, but that is about it.  My photo taken from the same location in the middle of the Football Field shows Swan Hall being renovated,  and Herrick Chapel,  which was built way after Pigskin Parade was made!

Tomorrow, Judy Garland's Feature Debut,  right here in Eagle Rock!

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  1. What a fun idea! You've got a zillion Oxy movies to pick from, you'll be on campus for months! :)