Monday, August 1, 2011

OXY in the Movies - Part 2

Today I move to a different movie,  Pat and Mike (1952).  This charming movie stars Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy as a very talented college gym coach who is coached as a pro by a gruff older trainer. Hepburn is wonderful in this movie, and she was right here in Eagle Rock shooting on campus!   The movie opens when her fiancee, played by William Ching, leaves his office,  located in the Johnson Student Center.  In this view you can see the black pillar holding up the new glass roof ove the courtyard,  other than that it looks pretty similar.   If you look closely at the screen cap below you will see how much the trees have grown! In the background the old library building is visible over the trees, and you can see that the newer Library addition is not there!

As promised,  today I present Judy Garland's first appearance in a feature film!  The screen cap below is from the movie "Pigskin Parade" 1936.  I am pretty sure the building in the background is also the old library!

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