Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Corner B(l)ank?

The first bank account I set up as an adult growing up in Eagle Rock was at the Security Pacific Bank on  the corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado.  The building was nothing special, it was just the first place I dealt with money on my own, and it was the first place I used an ATM.   Eventually the bank left,  and Blockbuster moved in. They painted the entire building white making it, in my opinion, even uglier! Now Blockbuster has left.  What is next for this very visible corner?

Since I love researching old photos, I found the original, (much more interesting) Bank building.  This is a close-up from a photograph from 1955:
By Metro Transportation Library and Archive
Coincidentally, the original bank was similar to an existing bank in Highland Park at York and Figueroa:

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  1. Interesting! I used to work at SPB back in the 90's. Nice pictures!