Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ernie's at Night

This blog is not about promoting local businesses, but there are a few Eagle Rock icons that will appear now and then!  Ernie's has been my family restaurant for as long as I can remember!  We use to go almost weekly to the old location on Colorado Blvd right in the middle of what is now the Eagle Rock Plaza.  When they moved in 1973 to make way for the plaza,  we followed them, and I still take my family!  This sign and some of the paintings and decorations inside were also moved from the original location.  

So many memories of Ernie's:
- As a little boy I was absolutely sure the "senoritas" in the old paintings were the most beautiful women in the world! 
- When I started learning Spanish at school I always ordered for myself in Spanish.  I still remember exactly what I said! 
- As we left, my parents would always let us pick out our favorite mints,  but would not give them to us until we "buckled up"! 

One of the reasons Ernie's is so special to me is that they have not changed and updated everything. When I order the same items I did 40 years ago they taste just like I remember, bringing back so many good memories!  


  1. I have been going to Ernie's since I was very young to! The things I love about this place is that the food has remained consistent for all these years - still as good as when I was 10! I also love the way they remember my name and always bring me a large margarita.

  2. The food at Ernies in ER is so much better than the defunct Ernies in Pasadena on Colorado back in the skid row days, pre "Old Town" revival.

  3. I do the same "buckle up" thing with my kids, but I also remember not having the buckle up option in the back of a '65 bug!