Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trip to Tritch - Part 1

Over the years,  I have probably made a "quick trip to Tritch" a thousand times!  As a third generation customer,  I have a lot of memories of Tritch, and again,  my image of a hardware store is completely based on this one!  As a kid,  while my dad was building one of his houses, we would frequently run down for something small,  a specific bolt or screw,  a plumbing fitting,  or a pound of 16 penny nails.  I loved the nail bin,  I would take the little rake thing and scoop up the nails, or just push them around.  If we didn't need nails, I would hang out by the nail bins anyway,  putting misplaced nails back in the right bins. If you go to a big box store the nails are all packaged in little boxes.  I much prefer the tactile experience of grabbing the nails I want,  weighing them on the big scale, and pouring them into a bag! There are still multiple generations of Tritches there to help me find whatever I need, and I love that my boys grew up exploring the same narrow aisles that I did! 

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