Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Old Library after the Storm

Another storm has passed through,  leaving Eagle Rock clean and green! This is the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock,  but to me it will always be the Eagle Rock Library! This 1914 building was my childhood library,  I remember fondly going to story-time on the weekends just inside this great window.  The bookshelves were all real wood, the nice old librarians kept the place quiet, and there was an actual card catalog!  My image of a traditional library is completely based on my childhood in this building! When the actual library was moved to it's new location  there was a time when I worried this old classic would be lost,  but it is now a thriving community center!  I have been to community meetings, art shows and concerts in here, and when I was shooting these pictures I could hear kids taking music lessons inside.  It is so nice to see my favorite library alive and well and looking better than ever!

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